ATG Forms

ATG forms are similar to any typical form in web application and does the following:

  • Validating user input
  • Format of input
  • Handle form errors
  • Invoke Servlet / JSP
  • Pass information to persistent storage
  • Display nucleus properties in form elements
  • Assigning user input to properties of nucleus component
  • Interact directly with database.

ATG forms defined by <dsp:form> tag and typically contains one more input elements and one or more submit elements for form submission.

ATG forms must specify an action which is attribute of <dsp:form>.ATG forms can include other JSPs, however they must be complete pages and JSP fragments are not allowed.

ATG forms can assign value of input elements to properties of nucleus components during form submission. The input elements can be single values from form elements such as check box, text, text area, radio buttons, drop down lists (single selection) or multiple values such as grouped check boxes, multiple check boxes.

Similar to HTML forms ATG forms also assign values hidden elements.

ATG forms can have more than on submit options and you can use either button or image as your submit choice. The submit form element can also set property on a bean during submission specified in submitvalue attribute.

In ATG forms you can control the processing of form elements using priority of form elements. The submit and image elements have the lowest priority (default is 10).

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