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Scopes in JSP

In JSP you can create attributes in four scopes: page, request, session and application. If you need to access them Expression Language such as c:out tag, you can specify the scope explicitly. Here are some examples: <c:out value=”${pageScope.maxAttempts}” /> <c:out … Continue reading

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ATG: How to pass parameters from JSP to Droplet

With tag , you can pass static value or object from JSP to droplet. Passing a constant: <dsp:param name=”maxProducts” value=”100″ /> You can retrieve the “maxProducts” parameter in the droplet by calling request.getParamter(“maxProducts”) which returns value of 100. Passing a … Continue reading

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ATG – Viewing email content without actually sending email

For on-line retail companies it is very common to send confirmation when a customer places an order. Not all developers may install SMTP servers or comfortable with receiving all those test emails in their mailbox. In ATG you can view … Continue reading

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