Method names and business meaning

When you are maintaining legacy applications it come to a point where you need break down the code into smaller pieces so that you can understand better. For example the following code may be in the middle of a customer rating section based on previous orders placed by the customer.

List previousOrders = order.getPreviousOrdersByCustomerId(long customerId);
if ( prevousOrders != null && !previousOrders.isEmpty())
// Customer rating logic

In this case, if you take above lines and covert them into a smaller methods then it serve two purposes:

1) Single Responsibility for each method and
2) Better readability

private List getPreviousOrdersByCustmerId(long customerId) {
// return previous customer orders for a given customer

private boolean hasPreviousOrders( List previousOrders) {
return previousOrders != null && !previousOrders.isEmty();

Now customer ratings just need to worry about how to rate the customer by just looking at previous orders size rather than how it got previous orders. By separating the code into smaller methods you can understand the code better and maintenance becomes much easier.

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