Respsonsibility and Accountability in Scrum.

In Scrum process, there is no single person owns the software artifacts such as code, documents or test cases. They may be accountable for those artifacts during the sprint. However they cannot say this is my artifact and nobody should touch these until I gave the approval. To me thats nothing but drawing boundaries within the team. When the team allows to do this, the team creating little waterfall inside the Scrum.

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One Response to Respsonsibility and Accountability in Scrum.

  1. Jim Lile says:

    True but what you are describing is the mental shift that needs to take place within SCRUM teams. Everyone is accountable to keeping the standards in place and meeting those team expectations. As always a standard can always be questioned by any team member who believes that the “standard artifact”does not contribute any value to the deliverable.

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